AC 01 Alarm Clock 

The more tech we take into the bedroom, the less we end up switching off. 

Why have your mobile phone lying on your bedside table, when you can be woken up by a sublime design object like the Punkt. AC 01 designed by Jasper Morrison? 

No fumbling around in the dark, no radiation emissions, and no unwanted calls or notifications in the middle of the night: just the pleasure of trusting your sleeping hours to a simple, stylish object that will charm you every time it wakes you up. 

The style of the AC 01 is as natural as the daily routine of sleeping and waking. Requiring just four easy operations the AC 01 is simple and intuitive, combining essential design with materials of enduring quality; the dial is protected by thick scratch-proof glass, while the body is made of solid aluminium. 

Activate or deactivate the alarm in one simple gesture, with the status clearly displayed on the dial. You can activate the snooze option with your eyes closed, simply by pressing the back of the alarm clock. To illuminate the entire dial, just gently squeeze the clock to activate the light ring. The glow-in-the-dark hands and dial mean you can tell the time in complete darkness without turning the light ring on. One battery for the alarm and two for the light, ensure that the AC 01 will work for a long time before the batteries need replacing 

AC 01
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