UC 01 Desktop Charger 

The more toys we have, the more power sockets we need. The Punkt. UC 01 is a brilliant solution for mobile device charging. Managing endless chargers and adapters is a hassle and multi-ports often mean longer charging time. The compact UC 01 reduces clutter at the workstation and can recharge several devices rapidly and simultaneously. No more fiddling about with various power outlets to connect and disconnect your USB cables: all your devices are effortlessly plugged into one safe place for maximum efficiency. The Italian-made UC 01 is designed by Jasper Morrison. Morrison says “More and more devices are now powered via USB, yet most computers and laptops only offer one or two ports. Not to mention the classic hotel scenario: even if you find the right electric plug for the USB cable, you can only charge a single device. Punkt.'s new USB multi-port charger provides easy access charging and is designed for one-handed operation.” The UC 01 is expertly designed to look good however you position it, and is perfectly weighted to stay firmly in place. With the UC 01 you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously and its handily positioned USB Ports make it easy and efficient to use. The UC 01 comes with 2 power cords for charging from different distances and works with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and most other USB powered devices.The high power capacity of the UC 01 reduces charging time and its quality materials ensure long lasting performance and durability. The UC 01 is available in a range of versions to comply with the different power supply 

standards of a wide selection of countries. The Punkt. UC 01 is made in Italy. 

UC 01 Black
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